Illusions Girls Gymnastics

USA Illusions Girls Gymnastics Team

We are more than just a team, we are family!

Once a child has mastered the skills in level 3 classes, she may be invited to move on to our Girls Gymnastics Competitive Team, the USA Illusions. USA Illusions offers Junior Olympic levels 4-10 as well as USAG X-Cel competition levels. This sport requires strength, flexibility, grace and courage. Every girl is encouraged to achieve their personal goals and help her team on floor, bars, beam and vault. In addition to improving their gymnastics skills, our team girls gain an understanding of dedication, time-management and competitive spirit. An important part of joining the USA Illusions is becoming part of a team that encourages and promotes each child to achieve their personal best. Our philosophy is to allow each child to progress at her own pace, without restricting her to pass through the levels one season at a time.

STARS Developmental Program

(Ages 4 – 7 yrs)

We offer an invite-only developmental team program, USA Stars Gymnastics. The Stars program is for those gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional skills, strength & flexibility and have shown the required dedication and commitment to train for competitive-level gymnastics at an early age. Placement in this program will be recommended by your child’s coach when they recognize the required attributes for the Stars program. In the Stars classes, emphasis is placed on correct technique, strength, flexibility, and proper body positions. If your child has been in a similar program at another gym we invite you to schedule an evaluation with a Stars coach, to determine what is the best program for your child. Classes are 2-3 times a week and longer than our recreational gymnastics classes.

New member?

If your child is already at a competitive level in girls gymnastics, and you would like to learn more about USA Illusions, workout times, or prices, please email Hollie Naddour, our Girls Gymnastics Director, at [email protected]. If you would like an evaluation for team placement, call (480) 926-1480 to schedule a time for your child to meet with our coaching staff.