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Dates: January 29-31, 2021

Men’s USA Invitational Venue:
MAP: USA Youth Fitness Center (Gilbert)
1530 S. Gilbert Rd., Gilbert, AZ 85296


  • JO Level 4-10
  • Junior Development
  • Xcel

 Mens’s Schedule

Thank you for attending the 2021 USA Invitational! In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, we ask that you adhere to all the guidelines outlined below… We ask that everyone practice social distancing in our lobby and balcony area at all times. Please do not clump groups of chairs/tables together.

All judges, coaches and spectators will be required to wear a mask at all times! Athletes will be required to wear a mask at all times except for during general warm-up/stretch, timed warm-ups and competition.

Spectators and athletes will not be able to enter the facility until the current session has completed, everyone has exited the competition area and the facility has been sanitized. Look for signs directing you to the appropriate entrance.

Spectator entrance = Main front doors- East side of the building
Athletes/Coaches entrance = Back door- West side of the building

Spectators are welcome to park in any open spaces around the facility.

Admissions – only 2 spectators per athlete/family:
Each athlete/family will receive 2 spectator tickets (included in the cost of the meet entry fee).
Wristbands will be sent to the participating gyms prior to the meet and those gyms are responsible for handing them out to all families prior to the weekend of the event.

Spectator entrance = Main front doors- East side of the building
Athletes/Coaches entrance = Back door- West side of the building

*No wristbands will be available at the event, so unfortunately anyone without a wristband will not be allowed in. Please make sure spectators have the wristbands on and are ready when they arrive at the entrance.

Equipment and Sanitizer:
Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be located throughout the facility.

We will have chalk available to all athletes at our chalk boxes. Anyone not comfortable with that may bring their own.

Social Distancing of 6ft. or more:
Spectator chairs will be in sets of two’s at 6ft. apart. At no point will any chairs be moved or placed together in bigger groups. This will be strongly enforced throughout the event.

Athlete belongings, water and snacks:
We ask that each athlete bring their own water bottle and snacks, to remain in their gym bag. We will also have package snacks/water/Gatorade for sell in the lobby.

Spectators will be able to purchase packaged snacks and drinks in the lobby or food and beverages from our USA Café in our gym next door. We ask that NO food or beverage of any kind be out in the gym area. Please only consume items in the lobby or outside.

We are excited to try a new awards format at our competition this year. This format will put the focus on the team award and start prepping athletes to the concept of college gymnastics from a young age. The goal of this format is to acknowledge the success of the team as a whole and the individuals that are counting scores towards the team.

Each team will be recognized going out 100% with each member of the team receiving a medal. The top 3 teams will also receive a team trophy. Then we will be giving each coach a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal to award the top three athletes from each team on each event. This means the more scores they count for the team the more medals they receive. The traditional awards breakdown per level and age group will still be available on Meet Scores Online.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate through these uncertain times! We will do our best to accommodate everyone in a friendly and safe manner.

Meet Director: Mike Naddour

Meet Coordinators: Marchel Smith

Contact: or (480) 926-1480

Fax: (480) 926-2637

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USA Youth Fitness Center Mens Gymnastics
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USA Flairs
Men’s Gymnastics

January 29-31, 2021

If you need more information regarding the invitational or venue please contact us. 
Saturday – 1/30/2021
Session 1: Xcel Silver & Gold (all ages)
1:30 PM
Open warm-up
1:50 PM
March in
2:00 PM
3:30 PM
Session 2: Levels 9, 10 & JD (all ages)
4:30 PM
Open warm-up
5:00 PM
March in
5:15 PM
9:00 PM
Sunday – 1/31/2021
Session 3: Level 4 (all ages)
7:30 AM
Open warm-up
7:50 AM
March in
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
Session 4: Levels 5 (all ages)
11:15 AM
Open warm-up
11:35 AM
March in
11:45 AM
1:15 PM
Session 5: Levels 6, 7, 8 (all ages)
2:15 PM
Open warm-up
2:45 PM
March in
2:55 PM
6:00 PM
usa youth fitness center

USA Invitational

USA Youth Fitness Center (Gilbert)
1530 S Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296

January 29-31, 2021

Phone: (480) 926-1480
Fax: (480) 926-2637